Affiliate and Partnership Vertical Expertise

At Silverbean, our teams all focus on specific verticals. This means that when brands work with us, they can leverage the expertise of an experienced team with sector-specific knowledge, driving the best results for their affiliate program. Find out more about our sector experience below:


Creative, proactive and constantly updating their knowledge to stay at the forefront of new and developing affiliate marketing trends, Silverbean’s beauty affiliate team, knows how to get brands in front of their key audiences and make sure they convert.

They combine their creative approach with their advanced knowledge of partner marketing to create innovative luxury beauty experiences for consumers while guaranteeing our clients see incredible growth and ROI from their affiliate marketing programs.

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With the ever-evolving nature of opportunities for brands in the fashion vertical, we tailor the approach for each client and encourage consistent learning within our teams to create an ever-improving knowledge base. 

The biggest opportunities for fashion brands currently come from the digital space, so our teams keep a keen eye on digital marketing developments to ensure our clients are adapting and always reap the rewards of a strong affiliate marketing channel.

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Food & Drink

With the universal appeal of the food and drink vertical – everybody needs food! – the sector lends itself to creativity. Our team are forward-thinking with their campaigns and looks to engage many different audience demographics to deliver incredible results for our clients’ affiliate programs.

Innovation is at the core of their approach, and the team often works with clients to trial new tactics, aiming to shift away from the traditional perception of affiliate marketing and boost sales and ROI through new and exciting opportunities.

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Home & Garden

Our home and garden team is consistently reviewing ways to drive new affiliate program growth and consumer engagement by capitalising on home decor and garden sector trends and ensuring our clients are at the forefront of them – such as the current global focus on sustainability!

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New developments in the digital marketing world provide the sports affiliate marketing sector with ongoing opportunities for growth and innovation. From pushing brands on Google Shopping with CSS publishers to building sophisticated commission structures dependent on a publisher’s place in the customer journey.

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Our team specialises in developing results-driven affiliate programs for subscription marketing brands. With a true understanding of the customer purchase journey and how affiliates and partnerships can impact this, the team provides subscription brands with key opportunities to create real value and differentiate them from the competition.

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We bring a wealth of experience to the table for our clients in the ticketing sector, driving exponential affiliate program growth and delivering exceptional results.

With target audiences ranging everywhere from visiting tourists to local theatre lovers, the team delivers exciting, innovative campaigns that reach even the most niche of target consumers and nurture our clients’ affiliate programs.

They also use their knowledge of the latest and greatest affiliate marketing trends to maximise program performance, engage with high-performing partners and continuously add value for our clients.

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With a deep understanding of how to map the customer purchase journey to different groups of affiliates, the travel team revolutionise the value and performance of their clients’ affiliate programs in the travel sector.

They marry this expertise with a true understanding of advanced partner marketing, which provides clients with access to some of the latest opportunities in this channel – a must for any travel brand that is serious about driving growth.

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