Lulu Guinness

The client

Founded in 1989, when Lulu Guinness was 29, Lulu’s intention was to always be slightly outré and push boundaries. With the fresh concept of a briefcase for women, which quickly morphed into an idea for vintage style rose basket bags, the luxury handbag brand was born.

Lulu Guinness voiced that they wanted to improve their year-on-year figures, so Silverbean’s talented Affiliate Team introduced an Affiliate Program with the purpose of improving the desired figures on a monthly basis. As such, the team must continuously think creatively and outside of the box to ensure new and positive campaigns are implemented in any given month to drive these year-on-year improvements.

Our objectives

The objective set by the brand was a simple one: to increase YoY figures through an affiliate program.

Our approach


  • The Silverbean team analysed the situation, looking at potential affiliates to run promotions with, whilst discussing options for campaigns with the Lulu Guinness team
  • Lulu Guinness is very much a luxury brand, and in order to maintain their exclusive persona it would be detrimental to be seen as discount driven.
  • With this in mind, Silverbean always took great care around the types of promotions and offers, in order to preserve the exclusivity of the brand.


  • A little look into some of the figures shows how Silverbean’s quick thinking and strategy adjustment ensured that the goals were always top priority. Mid May figures show the year-on-year figures via the Affiliate Program were orders up by only 20% and sales were down by 29%.

The results

  • 60% increase in orders.
  • 38% increase in sales.