Smooth Sailing Migration

L’OCCITANE: Smooth Sailing Migration

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • A seamless migration to Impact.com ahead of a busy eCommerce period.
  • Throughout Q4, we reached 44 revenue-active partners, with an impressive conversion rate of 21.64%.
  • We made significant improvements with existing partners, including Telegraph Savings United who had a 206% YoY growth.
  • We re-engaged inactive partners from the previous year. RetailMeNot had a huge transformation delivering a 23% conversion rate overall for Q4 and becoming the third top-performing partner.

What was the challenge?

To successfully migrate L’OCCITANE from Rakuten to Impact.com in two weeks, ensuring a smooth transition for partners while avoiding any negative impacts on revenue, in the peak of Q4. Additionally, we needed to resolve ongoing network issues, particularly transaction queries with Topcashback, this was imperative before initiating the transition to Impact.com to start things off on the right foot.

What was our solution?

To address these challenges, we split their existing partner list into a hierarchy, focusing on quality over quantity. This hierarchy ensured all key contacts were moved over appropriately to maximise efficiency and maintain channel performance. Utilising our agency knowledge, partners were carefully selected. Proactive communication ensured prompt response to partner questions and feedback.  

Leveraging our agency contacts, we took a personal approach to the migration by identifying the main points of contact, enabling a seamless transition. This worked particularly well with the likes of Quidco, which is one of the largest cashback platforms in the UK.

What results were achieved?

The migration commenced with initial communications sent by Impact on October 18th. By the end of October, 25 partners were successfully onboarded onto the new campaign, including a majority of priority one partners. Throughout Q4, revenue-active partners reached 44, with an impressive average conversion rate of 21.64%.

In terms of Q4 planning and optimisation, the campaign management team secured several exposure opportunities with strong results, particularly in the beauty/skincare vertical, aligning with key shopping events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and pay weekend. Capitalising on our agency knowledge, inactive partners from Q4 2022 were successfully re-engaged, further diversifying the partner mix. Retail Me Not, had a huge transformation, delivering a 23% conversion rate and becoming the third top-performing partner overall. In November the exclusive code provided to the partner for an onsite gift with purchase also showed the highest number of redemptions for those tested that month.

L’OCCITANE saw significant improvements from existing partners too, with The Telegraph Savings United (voucher) growing by 206% YoY. Through priority investment, Topcashback remained in the top two partners overall from 2022 – 2023. 

Exposure highlights within the first three months included significant revenue uplifts during key promotional periods:

  • The Telegraph Savings United (15th – 30th Nov) generated a significant uplift of +501.16%.
  • RetailMeNot (9th – 30th November) had an impressive uplift of +718.19%.
  • TopCashback (20th Nov – 3rd Dec) achieved a substantial uplift of +359.55%

What did L’OCCITANE have to say?

In short, we found the migration from a network to agency / SaaS solution to be seamless, even during a very busy trading period which was helped by a meticulous end-to-end process supported by the teams at Impact.com and Silverbean.

Right from the beginning of the RFP process we were informed of the migration timeline, what would be involved, what tech support would be required etc, which enabled us to prepare resource accordingly and stick to the timelines proposed. Once the migration was underway, we had regular check-ins with all stakeholders so everyone was clear on their roles and the progress we were making. Communication was regular and timely, so any challenges we faced were quickly solved.

We’ve had a really positive experience working with the Silverbean team right from the beginning during the RFP process through to the migration. We ran a brand immersion session early on so the team were clear about the brand objectives, key products and direction of the channel so new publisher suggestions are well aligned to our strategy. Also the roles of each team member were clearly defined from the outset, so I know who to contact regarding which topic. Results wise, we are still only in month 3, so now that we have migrated the majority of publishers and tested different tenancy bookings, CPA increases etc, we are finding our stride and over the next few months I believe we will start to see growth in the channel.

Gregory Tuck, Digital Manager at L’OCCITANE