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How We Skyrocketed ESI Media’s YoY Publisher Performance by 160%

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • Performance across all of our clients who work with ESI Media has increased by 160% YoY
  • Christy has seen an increase in revenue by 110% compared to the previous quarter, before the new Partner Performance processes were introduced
  • Graham & Green revenue rose by 359% in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023
  • ATG Tickets revenue grew by 183% YoY

Who is the publisher?

ESI Media is home to the iconic media brands, the Evening Standard and the Independent. The Evening Standard is an online publication and newspaper, known as ‘the voice of London on the global stage’ and reaches 10.7 million unique visitors monthly.

The Independent is also an online publication and newspaper, it’s the largest quality digital news brand and the fastest-growing news brand in the UK, with 73 million monthly readers. They have a dedicated team for commerce content that focuses on affiliate marketing and generates around 14 million affiliate clicks annually.

The Evening Standard and The Independent have demonstrated themselves as a trusted source over the years, especially when it comes to content. ESI media have specialised in commerce content and they have dedicated teams that understand the role of affiliates within the content space. Importantly, ESI Media understand the importance of creating content that drives sales, and they’re willing to work on a hybrid basis which means success is measured on performance.

This publisher works with many of our brands at Silverbean, including the likes of Christy, Graham & Green, ATG Tickets and many more.

How long have we worked with this publisher?

Silverbean has worked with ESI Media for some years now. However, at the start of 2024, our new Partner Performance team revitalised our ways of working with them by streamlining our processes and improving communications. This consisted of frequent strategic check-ins, a centralised source of information and one main point of contact. This was to ensure that all of our brands, regardless of size, were getting equal access to exposure opportunities.

In March, we used this new process to communicate to the Independent and the Evening Standard multi-brand opportunities for content within their spring editorials and features.

What results have been achieved with this publisher?

Since we implemented the new working processes in early 2024, performance across the board has skyrocketed. Overall, our clients who collaborate with ESI Media have seen a 160% growth in YoY revenue. 

This includes Christy, who grabbed the new exposure opportunities with both hands, seeing an increase in revenue by 110% compared to the previous quarter, before the new processes were introduced.

Graham & Green revenue also rose by 359% YoY. ATG Tickets revenue soared too, growing by 183%, demonstrating the impact the new processes had on the brand’s bottom line.

What did ESI Media have to say?

Working with Rebecca (Partner Performance) has been really insightful and she has offered great support in getting in front of brands looking to invest in content across both Independent & The Evening Standard. Her support has led to us having more 1-2-1 meetings with brands and reached more account managers by passing on new opportunities across the team. This has ultimately led to secure new and repeat business through Q1.

The account managers at Silverbean have been great at putting us in the forefront of advertiser’s minds. Challenging us to create new ideas for campaigns, while supporting us in end-to-end campaign management. Their communication and responsiveness have been brilliant and allowed us to grow partnerships throughout Q1. I’m excited about some of the opportunities they have already shared for Q2 and beyond.

Will Clapham, Sales Manager Affiliate Marketing at ESI Media