Content Affiliate Partnerships

Strategic partnerships that build brands’ online presence

Content affiliates and content marketing partnerships deliver real results for brands. They’re a highly valuable part of a successful affiliate program. At Silverbean, we use partnerships across the press and key content sites to push out client products or evergreen content. Whether that’s news about a sale or the launch of an exciting new product range, we work with content partners to drive sales, grow brand awareness and grow brand reach while working closely to align with PR. Get in touch to start building your content affiliate network.

What are content marketing partnerships?

Content marketing partnerships involve two brands collaborating to create a shared piece of content, whether that’s an article in a major news publication or a post by an influential blogger. By doing this, brands are able to reach out to the content partner’s own audience, leveraging their industry authority too.

What do affiliate content partnerships look like?

Quick wins

Working with content affiliates is valuable for brands looking to promote existing products or new product launches. The aim is to increase awareness further up the funnel and drive conversions. As the relationship develops, brands often invest tenancy budgets to support exclusive articles or access to social posts and newsletter inclusion.

Optimising your relationship with your affiliate content partners

Brands with a mature program often review the content affiliate’s website and content. One approach is to review the partner’s website pages and highlight those articles that your brand is not included in and should be. Brands can also look for high ranking, high quality pages and use the same process.

You can also start to optimise the conversion rate from your content partners. For example, brands like HostelWorld have partnered with a developer to create content widgets onsite to update product listings and prices dynamically.

Aligning with other digital channels

Over time, you can develop content partners in line with your SEO and PPC team and strategy. Your digital teams can identify non-brand keywords of significant importance – and identify partners who rank for them already or educate affiliates in order to help them rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Types of Content Marketing Partnerships 

There are a variety of different content publishers that your brand can partner with. However, it’s crucial to choose partners that share your audience, with enough influence to provide valuable, converting traffic. 

Here are some examples of the content marketing partners we connect with here at Silverbean:

  • Hearst
  • Immediate Media
  • Future
  • Conde Nast
  • Reach
  • Ziff Davis

If you think your brand could benefit from strategic content partnerships, get in touch with Silverbean today. Or browse our other affiliate marketing services, from influencer marketing to app affiliate strategies.

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