Brand to Brand Partnerships

Brand to brand partnerships allow you to work closely and align your brand with another brand that has a similar set of values and customer demographic. Get your brand in front of a whole new, highly relevant audience and maximise your sales.

Partnering with a like-minded brand, delivering great content and services to your customers will generate more incremental sales, and you’ll have happier, more engaged customers who are receiving incredible added value for their money. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The Open Brand to Brand Partnerships Network

In 2021, team Silverbean launched the Open Brand to Brand Partnerships Network, designed to aid collaboration between brands. There are over 190 brands currently involved in the network and over 300 introductions have been made, leading to the best partnerships between like-minded brands.

If you’re looking to develop relationships with key potential partners for your brand, sign up for the network for free:

What does a successful brand to brand partnership look like?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to building the best brand to brand partnerships, whether you’re concerned about finding the right brands to partner with or how to get in touch with the right people.

Below, we’ve detailed our simple five-step process to build the best B2B partnerships.

Audit and Onboarding

Making sure we know what we’re working with is crucial to a high-performance strategy. We start by assessing your brand against our partnership progression model, giving us insight into your wider partnership and digital activity. We also map how your existing teams and processes work, to enable effective expansion into brand partnerships.

Through auditing any existing partnerships and your available assets, we gain the key insights we need before deciding on a path forward. We’ll work with you to shape our overall objectives, based on our knowledge of your goals and the performance we can drive for your brand.

Consult and Strategise

In stage two, we set some initial objectives and agree on an approach. Whether you’re looking for acquisition, retention or something else, we adopt a strategy we know is going to deliver the impact your brand wants to see.

Next, we introduce our brand partnership matrix to identify partnerships with the best possible chances of producing a high-performance campaign. Before we decide to collaborate further, we use our brand partnership matrix to assess if any potential partner would be a good fit. Does their brand image align with yours? What is the audience and market overlap? How useful is this brand to you – and your audience?

We decide which brands are best for each stage and most importantly, we look at where, why and how you should be working with your soon-to-be new favourite partners.

Acquire and Activate

Our brand partnership ecosystem is continuously growing, and we make good use of it. The strategies we put into place cover your partnership opportunities from short-term, high-impact wins to long-term campaigns.

At this stage, we kickstart the activity by managing your existing partnership channel, identifying and recruiting new brand-to-brand partners identified in our consultation stage so they can begin driving measurable results. We build the foundations for a truly outstanding, high-performance partnership.

Review and Collaboration

We review performance regularly, measuring current, historical and projected performance, as well as reviewing the brands themselves. Spotting a partnership that is showing great long-term potential is something we’re truly skilled at.

Just like in stage two of our process, we assess more potential new partners against your brand identity, your audience, your overarching brand objectives, and the impact each partner could have on your performance. Once we’ve identified more winning brands to partner with, we give them everything they need to maximise output for you and your brand.


This is where things really take off. We now know who the partners are that are going to make the biggest impact on your business. We know which segment of your audience overlaps with each of the partners’. We know which assets and offers work best with each segment. Now it’s time to kick it up a gear. With these key partnerships in place, we begin to progress through to cross-channel, co-marketed campaigns. The campaigns will be fully integrated between you and your partner. Reducing the risk, and maximising the reward.