Spill the Beans: Annabel Gray & Thea Le Page

I think that one of the main reasons why somebody would want to get into affiliate marketing is that it’s not programmatic, it relies on relationships with people, and you get to talk to your partners, you get to know them and to know their personality quirks. There are some partners that I catch up with, and having my weekly catch up with them is honestly one of the highlights of my week.

Thea Le Page, Digital Partnership Manager at Prospa

In her latest interview for Spill the Beans, our Associate Director Australia, Annabel Gray, spoke to Thea Le Page, Digital Partnership Manager at Prospa.

Prospa are one of the largest non-traditional lenders to small businesses, operating within a very relationship-driven, yet complex customer journey model. Prospa have embraced technology bringing together indicators across multiple touchpoints, online and offline, to create a robust partnership model to drive success.

Within this Spill the Beans, Thea and Annabel discuss:

– The importance of partnerships at Prospa

– The role of technology across the customer journey

– Quality v quantity in partner recruitment (although both are nice!)

– Bringing unique value to the mix

– And what the future looks like.