How to monetise IGTV

Mixed reaction

IGTV landed in 2018 to mixed feedback. Regular users of the photo-sharing app gave a lacklustre reaction, feeling it was simply a ‘YouTube knock-off’. While creators saw little traction on videos as users simply didn’t take the bait.

Fast forward to 2019 and IGTV has flipped a full 180. The platform took note of the lack of enthusiasm from users and creators alike and made some changes to the layout, including the addition of IGTV previews to the regular newsfeed.

These tweaks saw creators’ IGTV views skyrocket by ~300-1000%. This increased user engagement and saw creators return to the medium, swiftly followed by brands hoping to cash in on the vertical video model.

How to make money on IGTV as a creator

Unlike YouTube, IGTV creators receive no revenue on videos watched as there are no ads placed before/during their videos. For this, among a few other reasons, users were slow to adopt the new platform, which required the creation of unique content for very little return.

However, as the platform has grown, so have the opportunities. Previously, the only link you could include on your Instagram profile was in your bio. Now you can add links to the description box of your IGTV videos. Making it another way of generating revenue through affiliate links.

There are downsides to IGTV, however. Compared to YouTube, the location of the description box isn’t that obvious and, as a result, many users don’t even realise it’s there. You can see IGTV video descriptions by clicking the title of the video at the top, which will then present the information in a drop-down on top of the video.

There are also limitations placed upon certain accounts, which may affect your decision when it comes to creating content for IGTV. Regular users can upload a video up to 10 minutes in duration, while verified accounts have a 60-minute limit.

The platform recommends uploading videos in 9:16 aspect ratio, meaning it should be original content created for IGTV and not re-purposed from YouTube. Due to the extra effort that goes into creating these videos, creators should strive to make the most of any affiliate opportunities.

Instagram has quite a way to go before it can challenge YouTube as a long-form video content platform, but we definitely think it’s getting there and any creator in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle realms would be mad to not make the most of IGTV while it’s hot.

How to make money on IGTV as a brand

Whether you choose to use IGTV for your own brand or look to partner with content creators through the affiliate channel, the platform has plenty to offer.

As with any social media platform, you first must consider whether IGTV is right for your brand. If you’re a beauty, fashion or lifestyle brand then go ahead and get filming, the platform is full of avid viewers waiting to consume the next OOTD or make-up tutorial.

If your brand is a little less conventional then don’t immediately discount IGTV. Working with content creators isn’t always as straightforward as promoting a new lipstick via a beauty guru. As an affiliate marketing agency, we help brands think outside the box when choosing content partners and IGTV is no exception.

For example, we coordinated an IGTV exposure with lifestyle influencer Lisa Dawson on the HelloFresh affiliate program. Within the exposure, she unboxed the food and spoke of the key reasons why she likes cooking with HelloFresh as well as promoting an exclusive code she could offer to her audience

So, why not take your outdoors brand to the music festival market? Or offer your bespoke wedding invitations to a recently engaged influencer? The possibilities are endless and, thanks to platforms such as IGTV, we can now bring products to new audiences easier than ever before.

When it comes to attribution, we’re also here to help. Of course, you may have a last-click commission structure on your affiliate links, meaning you’ll be able to see which influencers bring in the customers time and time again. You may also choose to turn content creators into brand ambassadors and offer their audience a unique offer code to redeem at your checkout, another great way to track the success of IGTV revenue.

But it’s not always as simple as that. Let us help work what which content creators will bring real value to your brand and help generate revenue at the same time. If you’re ready to find out how you can bring IGTV into your affiliate mix then get in touch today.

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