Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse 2022

The Role of Partnerships in Economic Uncertainty

The Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse this year focuses on industry perceptions and reactions to the changing economic landscape from across the globe. Whether certain countries will slide into recession remains to be seen, however we are already noticing some of the effects from the rising inflation and high interest rates on retailers. 

This report takes a closer look at:

  • The ever-changing partnership marketing landscape – key trends over the next 12 months
  • Economic outlook and impacts – how are we reacting to upcoming changes
  • Strategic considerations
  • Program benchmarking and metrics for success
  • Critical growth priorities
  • Industry challenges
  • The future of affiliate and partnership marketing 

Each year we conduct an in-depth survey to get a clear overview of the affiliate and partnership marketing industry. All participants who complete the survey receive an exclusive Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse – Participant Report with extra insights only available to participants. So if you’re a brand who is keen to learn more about this space, be sure to participate next year for an unabridged version of our report!

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