Exclusive Access: Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse 2022

We are pleased to offer you exclusive access to the Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse 2022 – Participant Report.

The Global Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Pulse is a report that provides a clear overview of the industry in the past year.

What you’ll uncover from this year’s report:

  • The ever-changing partnership marketing landscape – key trends over the next 12 months
  • Economic outlook and impacts – how are we reacting to upcoming changes
  • Strategic considerations
  • Program benchmarking and metrics for success
  • Critical growth priorities
  • Industry challenges
  • The future of affiliate and partnership marketing

Normally, only participants who completed the survey get access to the participant report – an extended version of the report packed with exclusive insights – however, this year we are excited to extend this offer to you!

If you’re a brand who is keen to learn more about this space, be sure to participate next year for an unabridged version of our report!

Download the report below