Affiliate Program Maturity

Mature affiliate programs have higher revenue contribution levels driven through quality partnerships, helping brands to drive new customer acquisitions in addition to support wider business outcomes.

However, many affiliate programs don’t have a clear pathway to achieving world-class status. Many brands focus on the wrong tactics at the wrong time, impacting channel ROI and ultimately the program’s ability to grow.

Maturing your program is one of the critical ways to drive results and affiliate program revenue for your brand. At Silverbean, we use our partner progression model to plot your program’s current positioning and develop high-impact strategic opportunities to progress your program from launch to world-class global status.

We do this by auditing your program including:

  • Reviewing your program strategy
  • Identifying areas for improvement within your affiliate mix
  • Assessing your affiliate program management and resource
  • Reviewing budget management
  • Assessing channel integration

And more.

This means, that whatever stage your program maturity is, we can create a unique growth plan to deliver immediate impact and long-term strategic growth.

Program maturity stages


Little to no knowledge or use of an affiliate program.

Efforts focused at the purchase stage of the customer journey.


Reactive planning with blanket tactical decisions made.

Efforts focused at the purchase stage of the customer journey.


Specific strategy aligned with goals and objectives

Affiliate mix covers evaluation, selection and purchase stage of the customer journey.

Proactive Growth

Program strategy is aligned alongside other digital channels with data-driven decisions.

Affiliate mix expanding to include the research stage of the customer journey.

Advanced Growth

Enhanced use of technology, including intelligent commission plans, to support wider objectives.

Affiliate mix expanding to include motive development stage.

Market Leader

Using advanced technology features including A/B testing and data to drive key decisions.

Affiliate mix covers the full customer journey, including post-purchase.

World-Class Global

The business and agency is structured to support partnerships with advanced, dedicated teams in key territories.

Globally integrated program with all aspects of a market leader.

Case Studies

How mature is your program?

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