Silverbean US, Canada and Latin America

Global partnership marketing is a huge growth opportunity for brands across the Americas.

Silverbean AMR is structured specifically to help brands across the Americas grow their success on an international scale. We operate from our Chicago base to work directly with our clients, with a delivery model in EMEA and APAC and recruitment at a local level to form strong international partnerships.

Looking to expand globally into EMEA and APAC? Want to work with only the best affiliates and partners for your program? Trying to improve your tracking and insights to drive ROI? We can help.

About the team

Working from our Chicago office, Vice President US, Sarah Beeskow Blay, entered the affiliate marketing industry in 2005 and previously oversaw the operations of US affiliate network, ShareASale, as the Vice President. Sarah and her team work to support US brands with international ecommerce expansion, providing expert knowledge on new target markets to help brands maximise their global opportunities.


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Sarah Beeskow Blay

Vice President North America
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