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At Silverbean, our next-level marketing programs are led by forward-thinking experts who strive for measurable results to help you hit your digital targets. By building meaningful partnerships between your business and other leading brands, our affiliate marketing agency can help expand your audience reach, attract loyal customers and skyrocket revenue and conversions.

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From traditional affiliate marketing to innovative brand partnerships, we work across a diverse range of channels to make sure we’re hitting the right audience, in the right places. We’ll always ensure our services are the right fit for your brand, using partners and platforms to help you get the conversions you need.

Building valuable relationships to drive high-converting traffic

Partnership & affiliate marketing involves brands recruiting affiliate partners to promote their products or services. The partners then promote the brand on their channel and when they generate a sale, they’ll receive a commission from the brand. 

This is one of the most profitable and ROI-positive methods of marketing because brands only pay out when a direct sale is generated. What’s more, the right partner can open the brand up to a whole host of customers, ones who are loyal and invested right from the get-go.

To ease this process, a partnership and affiliate marketing agency can manage these brand relationships to ensure that your program is targetting the most relevant audiences, with valuable content that encourages conversions.

How does our affiliate marketing agency work?

At Silverbean, we use our invaluable connections and cutting-edge tools to partner brands together and manage their affiliate network. Through managing this network, we’re able to handle payouts, link tracking and brand-to-brand relationships. We’re an affiliate marketing company with an always-on approach, monitoring channels constantly and reporting in a way that suits you. 

As an affiliate marketing agency with over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped a range of global brands achieve results.


Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing because it pushes users further through the funnel and encourages conversion. Brands only pay out once a sale has been generated, which is why affiliate marketing is known for its exceptionally high ROI.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works by connecting brands to their target audience. This is achieved by linking the brand’s website to the online spaces where its customers are already present. Whether this is in an article in an online magazine, a social media post by an influencer, or the cashback area of a banking app, affiliate marketing drives valuable traffic to websites.

What does an affiliate marketing agency do?

An affiliate marketing agency manages the setup and day to day running of your brand’s affiliate program. This includes managing partner relationships, affiliate recruitment, and channel optimisation.

Why choose an affiliate marketing company over in-house?

Hiring an affiliate marketing agency provides the invaluable connections, tools and expertise needed to run affiliate programs. It’s also a cost effective solution due to the high resource needed to run an affiliate channel.

What are affiliates?

The term ‘affiliates’ refers to any website, app, company or person, such as influencers, which promotes another brand in exchange for a commission pay-out.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a scheme that connects a brand to publishers. Once a publisher is signed up to the program, the brand will pay an affiliate commission for the sales that the publisher contributes to.

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a channel of companies that provide tracking, reporting and payment solutions for a brand’s affiliate partnerships. Silverbean are experts in a number of affiliate networks including Impact, Awin, Partnerize, Rakuten, Commission Factory and more.

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